Udaan- An Initiative by Government of India for Employment of Youth from Jammu & Kashmir

By VIVO Healthcare | 20th June 2015 9:34 AM |
udaan-employment opportunities for youth of Jammu and Kashmir

The Indian government has recognized that employment has been one of the key challenges to development in Jammu and Kashmir. There are only limited resources available in the state and government jobs are the only major outlet for employment. Keeping this in mind, the Government of India has launched the ‘Udaan’ Scheme, a  special industry initiative for J&K in partnership with the corporate sector and Ministry of Home Affairs.

The scheme is being implemented by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and aims to provide skilling and job opportunities to unemployed youth from J&K that are graduates or in the final year of graduation.

VIVO Healthcare, being Asia’s leading healthcare training and education company, is a training partner for Udaan Scheme and is providing employment opportunities to youth of J&K by training them for jobs in healthcare.  VIVO will train candidates in different allied healthcare courses like Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Dialysis Technician (DT) and place them with leading healthcare providers.

As part of the scheme, multiple mega recruitment drives were organized by the NSDC in different parts of J&K, where numerous students were given the opportunity to interact with representatives from more than 50 corporates across the country.

Udaan is a scheme which aims to improve the skill levels of the students so that corporates can hire them on their own. So I would say, if we train the students well enough, then there would be no need for quota which is what is happening here currently,” said Bint Abbas, an organizer from the NSDC.

“Udaan seeks to provide the corporate sector with exposure to the rich talent pool available in the state, and also to increase the career choices available to youngsters in the state,” Abbas added.

“This project is very good as it provides employment opportunities to several graduates, engineers etc. Here there are excellent chances of a student getting placed. If you see in J&K, there are very few employment opportunities, either in government or in the private sector. So we are left to explore on our own,” said a student, Sakib.

The implementing agency, NSDC at present has hosted its website on ‘NSDC Udaan’.  More than 25,000 youth have registered themselves on the website.

For more details on skill development courses provided by VIVO Healthcare under ‘Udaan’ scheme, contact:

Nissar Ahmad
+91 : 9205184032

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