Testimonial of an IMF VIVO Emergency Responder particpant

By VIVO Healthcare | 14th November 2014 12:40 PM |

You cannot explain the feeling you get when your teaching helps someone save lives of others. Same happened with us when we got an email from one of our participants from our recently organised ‘Indian Mountaineering Foundation VIVO Emergency Responder Workshop’.


Here are some excerpts from his blog:

During the five day Emergency Responder Course(ERC) at Indian Mountaineering Federation(IMF), New Delhi organised by VIVO Healthcare, Gurgaon, I was given over 40 hours of theoretical and practical training on first aid techniques that might be required in cases of emergency anywhere, especially in wilderness.

I was lucky that the opportunity came at the right time and the venue couldn’t have been better than IMF.

Dr. Lovkesh Chhabra from VIVO Healthcare was our First aid instructor for the course. He was very patient with our unending questions and took his time to explain the human body, its functioning and quick measures to take during critical conditions.

One of the most important topics that I was looking forward to was high altitude sickness. And I was glad that this topic was covered in great detail as its one thing that you cannot completely control in mountains and effect different individuals in different manner. More details about high altitude sickness in my next blog.

Finally, I realized that  the most important thing for anyone who is a victim or witness to an emergency situation is to maintain their calm and to take precautions for not letting the situation to worsen. Increased stress after an accident or emergency situation causes more harm So stay cool and focused.

Do you think you are ready for your outdoor expedition without any prior knowledge of ‘FIRST AID FOR WILDERNESS’? Then IMF VIVO Emergency Responder: First Aid for Wilderness might be interesting for you.

These expert guided workshops have a strong focus on emergency cases which are encountered when you are exploring wilderness. With practical and real life scenarios, you are trained to react in situations where you are the only hope of victim.

Who should attend:

  • Tour Guides,
  • Rock Climbers,
  • Mountaineers,
  • Mountain Biker,
  • Rafters,
  • Adventurers,
  • Bungee Jumpers,
  • Sports Enthusiasts, etc.

Training Outcome

  • Build confidence to save a life
  • Create a culture of health and safety
  • Get lasting results through new learning skills
  • Build powerful teams that go the extra mile

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