Survival Planning and Survival Kits for Wilderness

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What is Survival Planning?

Survival planning is all about preparing yourself for unwanted and unexpected natural or man-made events. The basic purpose of whole process is keep yourself ready if anything like this comes when you are on an outdoor expedition. When you are out of basic and obvious support system, you should have enough resources to keep individuals alive.

Planning or preparation is to have knowledge of situations which you can encounter and preparing for them in anticipation. For example, people going for hiking keep themselves ready for physical injuries, storm, snake bites etc. It can also involve, having a prior knowledge of weather condition by going through meteorology department weather updates or familiarizing yourself with weather conditions or route. Finally, emergency planning is essential.

Importance of Planning

Upfront preparation for worst increases your chances of surviving in situation which would not have been possible otherwise. These situations may include a medical emergency or a bad weather condition or anything which might make your journey dreadful.

Survival planning includes one of the most important aspect- preparing for health. Each and every person should be healthy otherwise, but if you are going out in wild, it should be first thing on your checklist – “Am I physically fit to go out? Or can I keep myself in a condition which will not hamper my journey?”

Your kit should be customized on the basis of weather conditions. For example, if you are visiting a forest area, you should have all the essential elements of survival.

Size of a kit never matters, what matters is its component. Smallest kits can be your life savior if prepared properly. Packing and preparation should be done based on different factors:

  1. Group Size: Bigger group, more quantity of components required
  2. Mission of your group
  3. Weather condition: Pack as per weather condition. Carrying a survival kit designed for hot weather will not at all help you in Himalayas.
  4. Equipment: Equipment that you carry should be easy to carry and pack.
  5. Transportation: Heavy kits can be carried and moved easily if proper transportation system is available but carrying them as your backpack can be painful.

Survival Kits

SURVIVAL PLANNING and SURVIVAL KITS For WILDERNESSWeather conditions are and will always be the deciding factor while packing or customizing your survival kit. The second factor is the size or the kit and how it will be carried. For example, if you need to carry it on your body, it should be light and small whereas if you have the facility of transportation, you can go for a bit extra and heavy kits. Packing your items gets really important when your trip is long and items are more in numbers.  Most important should be close to body, a little less in your back pack and bulky items in rucksack.

While packing, this which are to be used frequently should be on top of your checklist and try to have multi-purpose items which will lessen your bag weight and one object can be used for multiple tasks, for example: Swiss knife.

Only pack items which are functional and meet your requirements. You kit may include a generic items like band-aids or common medicines. Some other important yet basic items may include:

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