Road Safety Week 2015 : 11th – 17th Jan’15

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Road Safety Week 2015

Road Safety Week (11th-17th Jan’15) is going to get celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm in different areas of the country. The main aim of campaign is to create awareness among people for road safety and accidents. Different events and workshops are organized to encourage people about how to drive safely and stay safe on roads.

Whole Road Safety Week is celebrated with multiple road safety related campaigns, banners, posters, guides and leaflets are distributed among road travelers. Drivers and pedestrians are encouraged to follow different road safety measures to ensure safety for fellow travelers. A sincere, planned and organized travelling is encouraged by live demonstrations of safe driving, following traffic rules and first aid tips for road accident.

Road Safety Week 2015

Road Safety week 2015 will be celebrated between 11th-17th Jan’15

Activities performed during Road Safety Week

Multiple activities are performed throughout the week to create and maintain Road Safety Awareness:

  • Distribution of gifts and leaflets among commuters, road travelers and vehicle drivers.
  • Creating awareness among bike riders and vehicle drivers about the necessity of following traffic rules, wearing seat belts or helmets while they are on the road.
  • Public events like essay and drawing competition, rallies, mock road rules test, workshops and seminars, live demonstrations and first aid for road training are conducted across various cities.
  • Free medical checkup and workshops for drivers are conducted to create awareness and encouragement for road safety and rules.
  • Multiple online, radio and paper road safety tests are conducted to promote and check knowledge of road and safety rules among people.
  • Multiple interactive sessions are also conducted in schools to educate people on what to do and what not to in case of any road emergencies.

Necessity of Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week celebration with the help of various campaigns was initiated by ISS India HSE (Health Safety and Environment) in order to make people aware about road safety. The main motive of the program is to create awareness among people about need and essence of road safety. It also focuses on creating awareness on how simple safety steps can save lives of thousands of people dying every year just because people are not aware of first aid techniques which needs to be done in the event of medical emergencies.

Every day, approximately 380 people die because of road accidents and thousands of others suffer from minor as well as some serious injuries like mental traumas, loss of limbs and in some cases, loss of memory too. The need for road safety awareness also increases with increase in number of vehicles (2-wheelers and 4-wheelers) coming on road every day.

The program involves efforts of various sectors of the society, including healthcare, transport sector, educational institutions, public agencies, NGOs etc. Youths have also a huge role to play in this program apart from above mentioned sectors.

Road Safety Week Themes

  • 2015: “Walk for Road Safety”
  • 2014: “”When on the road, always say ‘Pehle Aap””
  • 2013 : “Stay Alive, don’t drink and drive”
  • 2012: “Accidents bring tears and Safety brings cheers”
  • 2011 : “Road Safety A Mission, Not Intermission”

Objectives of Celebrating Road Safety Week

  • Prime aim of Road Safety Week is to create awareness and promote road safety in schools, colleges, work places, roads and other sectors of community.
  • Minimizing injuries and deaths because of road accidents by applying road safety measures.
  • Encouraging drivers to ensure they wear helmets and seat belts respectively while they are on road.
  • Awareness of road safety rules, including traffic lights, speed limits, pedestrian rules, etc.

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