Road Safety Tips for Pedestrians, Children and Drivers

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Some precautions which can protect yourself when you’re walking or running outside:

Notify Someone: Before leaving your home leave a note or inform someone about where you are planning to go out and how long you will be out. So that if required, they can look for you.

Identify yourself:  Always carry an ID proof with you when you are out along with some emergency numbers.

Pretend others are novice.: Never depend on a driver to respond in case on any confusion on the road. Analyze the situation and respond accordingly.

Direction:  Always face traffic while you are walking. You might not see or respond to fast moving vehicles coming behind you.

Make room:  In case of traffic congestion, shift to sidewalks or edge of the road and walk responsibly.

Get Visible: Dark or dull clothes make you camouflage to the environment in dull light so whenever you walking on the road in the evening or at night, wear bright clothes so drivers can see you.

Be all ears. Apart from eyes, ears are one of the important organs to sense and respond to vehicles and traffic. Keep your ears open or atleast turn the volume down enough to hear outside traffic sounds.

Watch the spot: In case of sharp turns of hills, driver’s visibility gets impaired because of physical limitations. Slow down or walk carefully in such areas.

Watch out: Entrances of exits to public areas of parking have heavy traffic.  Steer clear and slow.

Early or late hours. Drivers are not fully attentive during early morning or after late office hours. SO if they are not, you should be.

Follow traffic rules: Do not jump onto roads in the middle of traffic. Always follow traffic rules. Cross from designated pedestrian way only.  Use traffic signals and if not available, use hand signals.

 Road Safety Tips for Children

  • Teach children the importance of following road safety rules..
  • Small children below the age of 10 should hold an adult’s hand while crossing or while travelling on road.
  • They should also be supervised and given information related to road safety regulations.
  • Teach your children to be aware of their environment: distractions such as wearing headphones or playing with friends on the way to or from school can make them more vulnerable to danger.
  • Do not ask children to cross roads by calling them from other side of the road.

Road Safety Tips for Drivers

One of the most important tip for drivers on road is to ‘Give Way to Pedestrians’. Drivers should always look for people on the road and even if there is a slight chance of colliding with them, slow down or stop.

Some other safety tips are:

  • Slow down and drive carefully on roads near schools, shopping centers, public areas
  • In case of bad weather or bad light, drive carefully.
  • Never assume that the pedestrian might have seen you and he will respond or get a side.
  • Vulnerable pedestrians like children and old people take more time to respond or act unpredictable- Be mindful near them.


  • Act accordingly in different road zones:
  • Shared zones: In shared zone, people move slowly and share the road with vehicles. While driving in those areas, drive slow (10km/h) and give way to others.
  • No stopping zones: Located near or next to pedestrian crossing, these zones give a clear view of incoming vehicles.
  • 40 km/h high-pedestrian activity areas: These are high pedestrian traffic areas near public areas. Drivers are advised to lower their speed in case of pedestrian movement.


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