Rising Demand for Healthcare Professionals in India


The Indian healthcare sector is growing at a brisk pace; however our country is struggling to provide adequate number of skilled healthcare professionals. Ironically, there is a shortfall of nearly 65 lakhs of allied health professionals, particularly technicians, paramedics and technologist.

The shortage of planned programs, institutes and skilled healthcare professionals loom as a threat to the Indian healthcare industry.

To meet the need of skilled healthcare professionals, VIVO Healthcare, Asia’s leading healthcare training and education company, offers best in class job-oriented programs which serve as a centre of excellence for health professions.

VIVO healthcare offers various career oriented skill development programs for job seekers. Here are few of the career oriented programs and their job roles which helps brightening your career.

Radiology Technician

Job Roles & Responsibilities

  • Explaining procedures to patients and handling questions
  • Prepare equipment and room for patient examinations
  • Maintaining patient’s records
  • Use radiation to obtain images of body parts
  • Interacting with physicians and reporting important information to the radiologist

Dental Assistant

Job Roles & Responsibilities

  • Assisting dentist with dental treatments and procedures
  • Sterilizing dental instrument and equipment
  • Taking patient’s history and vital signs
  • Processing X-Ray and performing lab procedures
  • Teaching patients about oral hygiene
  • Maintaining patient’s dental and medical records

Emergency Medical Technician – B

Job Roles & Responsibilities

  • Providing basic life support in case of an emergency
  • Transferring patients to the emergency units
  • Preparing a patient’s care report
  • Sterilizing ambulance and it’s interiors

Dialysis Technician

Job Roles & Responsibilities

  • Preparing and assessing patient’s before starting dialysis
  • Preparing the equipment and ensuring it is disinfected properly
  • Checking patient’s prescription, inserting needles and sorting dialysis by setting up critical machine parameters according to the prescription
  • Monitoring and managing the patients for any complication during dialysis

X-Ray Technician

Job Roles & Responsibilities

  • Adjusting and maintaining imaging equipment
  • Positioning the patient and equipment to get the correct image
  • Operating the computerized equipment to take images
  • Keeping detailed patient’s records

General Duty Assistant

Job Roles & Responsibilities

  • Assisting patients in and out of bed
  • Maintaining patient’s daily personal hygiene (bathing, dressing, undressing, etc.)
  • Feeding patients and helping them in performing exercises
  • Changing surgical dressing/bandages
  • Taking patient’s temperature, blood pressure and pulse

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician

Job Roles & Responsibilities

  • Performing Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and basic first aid
  • Understanding pharmacology, cardiology, respiratory
  • Performing IV access, monitoring ECG, capturing 12 lead, performing defibrillation
  • Providing assistance in taking medication

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