School Girls Empowered Through First Aid Training

By VIVO Healthcare | 15th May 2015 11:51 AM |

Every day single women, young girls, mothers and women from all walks of life, face situations which are not comfortable for them. The streets, public transport, and other public spaces are fraught with dangers that have to be overcome.

In an effort to empower school girls to appropriately respond to the many situations faced by them, Delhi Police in coordination with VIVO Healthcare, Nav Buddha Taekwondo Association (NBTA) & Saket City Hospital have started a ‘Save Girl Campaign’ initiative which involved training over 8,000 school girls. The project commenced on 20th April, 2015 in various Delhi schools including Kedriya Vidyalaya- Pushpa Vihar, DPS International School, Govt. Girls Sr. Secondary School- Lado Sarai, New Green Field School- Saket, etc.

The event closed with a grand ceremony held at Tyagraj Stadium, Delhi, felicitating different schools and associate partners who made this month long campaign a huge success. The project not only brought to notice the alarming condition of women’s safety in Delhi but also helped to create a solution to the problem.

The month long project focused on different aspects of girls health & safety including first aid skills, self-defense and regular health check-ups. VIVO Healthcare, a leading healthcare training and education company which offers health, safety and life support programs for corporates, schools and healthcare providers is the knowledge partner for first aid training. The project was sponsored by Select City Walk.

VIVO’s certified trainers extensively trained girl participants in both minor as well as major medical emergencies such as soft tissue injuries, cuts and wounds, impaled objects, fractures and dislocations, splinting and bandaging, choking, fainting, heart attack, cardiac arrest etc.

“Many emergency medical issues can be effectively addressed if the victim or the bystander knows a few basic first aid tips. These first aid techniques relating to common medical conditions can be easily used at homes, offices and during everyday activities.Trainer, VIVO Healthcare.

During the closing event, B.S. Bassi, Commissioner of Police stated the importance of safety for girls at different levels by saying that “Within the current scenario, safety measures should be taught to each and every girl and there is no better platform than starting it at the school level.”

Complementing Mr. Bassi, R.S. Krishnia, Joint Commissioner of Police, Southern District said “The event started as an experiment but based on our response, we would like to continue this in different districts of Delhi as well. It was a composite event considering different aspects of girl’s health & safety- physical safety with taekwondo skills, medical safety with first aid training and health checkup.”

Mr. Y. Sharma, from Select City Walk thanked Delhi Police and other partners that helped to make the “Save The Girl Campaign” a huge success. He also mentioned that the Save The Girl Campaign will not only help boost confidence among girls but also make Delhi a safer place.

A few images summarizing the whole event:

Delhi Police First Aid Training Collage

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