Emergency Response Handbook for Medical Emergencies

By VIVO Healthcare | 10th December 2014 12:05 PM |

Have your ever thought of a situation where you witness someone going through a medical emergency such as a heart attack, seizures, burns, etc, right in front of you? What would you do? or How would you respond? Would you be in a position to help the concerned person till medication aid arrives?

Most of us avoid thinking such unpleasant situations leaving things to destiny, fate or God. However, the hard fact of life is that medical emergencies can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime, and it is best to be well-informed on how to respond to such situations.

If one is aware of how to deal with such critical situations, it will replace panic, confusion, and fear with decisive steps and first aid measures that can make a huge difference to someone’s life and in some cases save a precious life.

The critical time-period between the emergency spot and patient’s arrival to medical facility can be constructively utilized by giving immediate first-aid which is possible through simple measures/steps taken towards the patient’s recovery.

Emergency Response firstaid books

The EMERGENCY RESPONSE HANDBOOK focuses on what an emergency is? How to respond to an emergency, recognize a particular emergency, what to do and above all, what not to do? This 360 handbook is designed to cover a broad range of medical emergencies i.e. from serious medical emergencies such as heart attacks, brains attack, seizures to household accidents like cuts, wounds, kitchen burn, choking etc.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE HANDBOOK also dispels various myths associated with certain emergencies due to socio-cultural influences, lack of awareness and education in our country. These myths are not only misleading but hamper and deny timely treatment to patient. This book guides an individual to overcome such belief which are incorrect and guides one to do the right thing.

The book will help you prepare for everyday life and be more confident in dealing with emergency situations and more importantly help save a life or limb.

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