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VIVO-Pregnancy & Neonatal Care Program

VIVO Obstetric Life Support program helps pregnancy care providers learn the information and skills necessary to deal with urgent and emergent conditions that arise during pregnancy and delivery by using mannequins, and evidence-based approaches.

The program is designed to enhance Pre Hospital Obstetric & Neonatal Care and to reduce MMR & IMR in the field of emergency care.

VIVO Healthcare School Safety Training

Intended Audience

ANM, ASHAs, Traditional Birth attendants

Goals and Objectives

To understand Normal labor & assist pregnant female in case of imminent delivery

To recognize abnormal fetal presentations & its related Pre-hospital care

To recognize complication during Pregnancy and Delivery and its related Pre-hospital care

To provide Initial new born care

To recognize life threatening conditions in New born & providing basic Neonatal resuscitation

To explain & use contents of Obstetric/Child Birth Kit

Course Description

  • Introduction to Female Reproductive system

  • Pregnancy & its diagnosis

  • Medical Assessment of Pregnant Female

  • Complications during Pregnancy & Delivery

  • Understanding Normal Labor & assisting imminent delivery

  • Understanding Abnormal Fetal presentation and its related Pre-hospital care

  • Initial New Born care

  • Neonatal Resuscitation

  • Exploring Contents of Obstetric/Child Birth Kit

Hands on skill stations include

(on Obstetric Mannequin, Infant manikin)

  • Medical Assessment of Pregnant Female during Labor

  • Assisting Normal Labor

  • Assisting abnormal fetal presentation (Breech, Prolapse cord, Limb, Shoulder presentation)

  • Initial New Born care

  • Neonatal Resuscitation

Participants will learn through

  • Audio-video based

  • Case scenarios

  • Skill practice on Obstetric & Infant manikin


Duration: 6 Hours
Certification: : VIVO Healthcare certification of participation
Validity: 1 Year
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