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VIVO- Fire Safety Workshop

VIVO Fire Safety workshop is designed to create a safety mind-set amongst the participants and emphases on simple yet effective fire safety practices. The participants learn about the mechanism of fire formation, fire prevention practices, dealing with different classes of fire and using portable fire extinguishers to fight small fires. VIVO fire safety workshop also touches upon the all important aspect of people’s behavior during a fire emergency and the role of fire wardens / Emergency Response Team members during such situations.

Intended Audience

Office workers and support staff, factory workers, hotel employees, security personnel.

VIVO Healthcare School Safety Training

Course Material

Participants’ handouts

Course Description

  • Characteristics of fire

  • Formation of fire

  • Classes of fire

  • Fire Service Installations

  • Types of portable fire extinguishers

  • Using fire extinguishers

  • Stages of fire

  • Fire prevention best practices

  • People’s behavior during fire

  • Action steps during a fire incident

  • Lifting and moving techniques

  • First aid for fire emergencies

Participants will learn through

  • Lectures

  • Demonstrations

  • Hands-on practice

  • Training videos & powerpoint presentation


Duration: 4 Hours
Certification: VIVO Healthcare
Validity: 1 Years
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