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VIVO-Advanced First Aid

In this course the participant is trained in Advanced First Aid, which is defined as the recognition of and immediate care for injury or sudden illness, including medical emergencies, prior to the arrival of healthcare professionals.

Intended Audience

Emergency response teams department personnel, police, security personnel, public works employees, lifeguards, gym instructors, airline personnel, teachers and adventure professionals.

VIVO Healthcare School Safety Training

Course Description

  • Basic life support (CPR, AED)

  • First aid (cuts, burns, fractures, poisoning etc)

  • Medical emergencies ( Heart Attack, Stroke, Cardiac arrest )

  • Patient assessment, Vital signs

  • Trauma care - Injuries of all types

Participants will learn through

  • Lectures & Demonstrations

  • Video presentations

  • Discussions and interactions

  • Repeated Practice of CPR & AED

  • Lifting and moving techniques, Spinal Immobilization

  • Practice of Emergency moves.

  • Splinting and Bandaging techniques.


Duration: 16 Hours
Certification: VIVO Healthcare
Validity: 2 Years
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