School Safety is on DOE agenda

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School is a place where hundreds and thousands of children of various age groups come for education regularly. They primarily stay within the school environment for more than 6 to 7 hours. Therefore it is important that during their stay in the school, their safety and security should be taken care of by the school […]

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Launch of Senior Citizen Care Program

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Commemorating the International Day of Older Persons – October 1, 2015 India’s leading healthcare training and medical emergency services company, has partnered with Silverglades Group, a leading boutique real estate developer, and Gurgaon Police to launch a ‘Senior Citizen Care’ program for the residents of the Millennium City. Under the program police officials from 50 […]

First Aid for Burns | Safety Tips by VIVO Healthcare

First Aid for Burns: Different Types, Do’s, Don’ts and Treatment

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Burns can be categorized by severity as minor or major burns.Also there are different degrees of burns :A first degree burn Is a superficial burn causing redness, pain and minimal swelling.Second degree burn Along with redness, pain and swelling, it also involves blisteringThird degree burnsThese are deeper burns and involve all layers of the skin. Skin may be charred black […]

Top 10 must have items for your car in case of medical emergencies - VIVO Healthcare

Top 10 Must-Haves in Vehicles for Medical Emergencies

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IT HAS been said that it is better to be safe than sorry and this rings true in the event of an emergency.Many of us spend a considerable amount of time on the road as we commute to work or head out for a holiday.Planning ahead and equipping ourselves with certain items in our vehicles […]

First Aid and Safety Tips for Monsoon

First Aid and Safety Tips for Monsoon

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Sometime rainy season prove to be a health menace as there are various diseases that come with the onset of monsoon. Let’s pick up some common monsoon diseases: Mosquito-borne diseases Mosquito-borne diseases mainly spread through stagnant water. Water left unattended in coolers, rubber tyres or open outdoor containers can be the breeding grounds for mosquitoes. […]