Demand on rise for skilled professionals

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The healthcare sector in India is in dire need of trained healthcare professionals, who have the required skills to meet the growing needs of the sector. The healthcare sector has come up as one of India’s largest sectors – both in terms of revenue and employment. This sector comprises hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, […]


Ambulances to be equipped to handle medical emergencies

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Certain situations in life require immediate medical care and a fraction of a second delay can drastically change somebody’s life. The ambulance service and paramedics are very important in society as they save hundreds of lives daily by responding to emergency calls. Ambulance services help people with serious or life-threatening conditions. It also provides a […]


23 steps to stay healthy, forever.

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You learn the importance of a good health only when you suffer from serious illness and you are ready to take any step in the direction of a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle is not a one day process. It needs to be done slowly as you do not want your body to give shock of […]


14 Valentine Day’s Heart Healthy Tips

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Your sweetheart may have the key to your heart, but eating healthy and being physically active can be the key to a healthier heart. This Valentine’s Day, indulge your sweetheart with a heart-healthy gift or date. Rather than tempting your beloved with sweets, consider a gift that has more permanence. Search for a poem that […]


Emergency Response Handbook for Medical Emergencies

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Have your ever thought of a situation where you witness someone going through a medical emergency such as a heart attack, seizures, burns, etc, right in front of you? What would you do? or How would you respond? Would you be in a position to help the concerned person till medication aid arrives? Most of […]