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Why Choosing VIVO after 12th will Not Let You Remain Ordinary

15 Aug 2017

Have you figured out what will be your next career move after receiving your 12thresults? What if we help you curve your future by providing the right counseling and training? The answer to all your dilemmas is VIVO vocational training.…

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Rising Demand for Healthcare Professionals in India

1 Aug 2017

The Indian healthcare sector is growing at a brisk pace; however, our country is struggling to provide an adequate number of skilled healthcare professionals. Ironically, there is a shortfall of nearly 64 lakhs of allied health professionals, particularly technicians, paramedics, and technologist.

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Preparing for a career as a Dental Assistant

15 Jul 2017

Are you on the lookout for a career in dental assisting in India? Earn your dental assistant certificate from VIVO Healthcare now and get easy placements in amongst the most accredited healthcare institutions in India.…

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Importance of Emergency Medical Technicians in the Indian Healthcare industry

1 Jul 2017

As per the latest study, each year 1.6 million Indians die in road accidents; an additional 2.4 million die owing to heart diseases, as stated by the Heart Care Foundation of India. 

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Career as a Phlebotomy Technician

15 Jun 2017

Who is a phlebotomy technician?

The part that a phlebotomy technician plays within the healthcare industry is a significant one. Major responsibilThe ity of a phlebotomy technician is blood sample collection from patients.…

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A Career as a Medical Laboratory Technician The Most Overlooked Health Profession having Remarkable Growth Prospects

1 Jun 2017

Medical Laboratory Technology
In the present era of advanced technology, a career as a Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) is the hidden profession that saves life. 

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