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Why Choosing VIVO after 12th will Not Let You Remain Ordinary

15 Aug 2017


Why Choosing VIVO after 12th will Not Let You Remain Ordinary

Have you figured out what will be your next career move after receiving your 12th results? What if we help you curve your future by providing the right counseling and training? The answer to all your dilemmas is VIVO vocational training.

Reasons for Choosing a career in Healthcare: 

Job Growth and Stability
The healthcare field is expanding rapidly and is expected to continue rising during the next several years. Thus, as a healthcare professional, you will enjoy more options and much better job security as compared to other professions.
Jobs are Available for All Skillsets
Healthcare is a broad field with a variety of different roles you can choose from – and there are even a number of healthcare positions available for those with no previous experience, but with a basic training.
Make a Positive Impact Every Single Day
A career in healthcare will provide you with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of a number of people. Your work will impact individuals, families, and sometimes communities because you will be assisting healthcare practitioners in the treatment of diseases and ailments, and will play an important part in the well-being of a patient.
Great Earning Potential
There is a soaring demand for healthcare professionals within the healthcare industry and this is the reason why a career in healthcare can bring well-paying jobs at your door step. The more trained you are and the more you are skilled, the higher your pay will be. Even in entry-level healthcare jobs, the earning and growth potential is better than in many other fields.
Knowledge Expansion
Working as a healthcare professional you learn a lot from your experiences especially by the health cases you come across. With the right knowledge gained along the way, you will have bigger opportunities for career expansion.

Reasons to Choose VIVO Healthcare

A vocational qualification at VIVO Healthcare means that you are getting equipped with the skills that will make it easy for you to secure a fruitful job in the healthcare sector.
In India, vocational training has gained a lot of traction over the past decade and the education system has changed drastically. The word ‘vocational’ originally means ‘work-related’; a vocational education is an easy way to provide practical skills to individuals and presents underpinning knowledge in making you learn how to utilize these particular skills.
Moreover, nowadays, every diagnostic procedure is being carried out by healthcare technicians and this is the reason why healthcare technicians have come up as a prime cog with in the wheel of healthcare delivery system. The rising population along with the growing count of corporate and private hospitals has presented various opportunities for healthcare professionals that are skilled. In addition, as per a recent study:
“Healthcare market in India is predicted to touch US$280bn by 2020.”      
However, there is an acute shortage of healthcare technicians in the Indian healthcare industry. VIVO is churning skilled healthcare professionals for bridging this demand-supply gap within the healthcare industry.

Rewarding Career Opportunities to Achieve your Professional Goals in Healthcare

 The various vocational courses offered by VIVO include Emergency Medical Technician EMT-B, Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-A), Dialysis Technician, General Duty Assistant, X-Ray Technician, Radiology Technician, Dental Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician, Cardiac Care Technician, Diabetes Educator, and Medical Laboratory Technician. These courses have been studied on the basis of their future prospects as follows:
Emergency Medical Technician EMT-B:
Employment of emergency medical technicians (EMTs) is predicted to expand by 9% from 2008 to 2018, which is approximately as fast as all occupations’ average. The demand in the number of EMTs is owing to the rising call volume because of the growing aging population in India, which is more likely to have medical emergencies.
Dialysis Technician:
The job opportunities for dialysis technicians are predicted to rise with the growing aging population in India, resulting in increased cases requiring dialysis. There is an ample room for advancement for the dialysis technicians employed in larger hospitals or clinics. After gaining immense experience as well as added education and training, they may go up to the role of head technicians.
General Duty Assistant:
A general duty assistant can progress through education, experience, and promotions and can attain a profile of a clinical nurse supervisor. Talking about the demand for healthcare professionals, paramedics and technicians will constitute more than 75% of rising human resource recruitment, thus providing great career prospects for general duty assistants in the coming years.
X-Ray Technician:
The demand for X-ray technicians has risen exponentially in recent years owing to the rising technological developments within medical diagnostic services. The career progression for X-ray technicians is immense. They start their careers as junior X-ray technicians and may reach up to a position of the senior X-ray technician.
Radiology Technician:
The future prospects for radiology technicians look bright. Technicians having an experience in over one type of diagnostic imaging technology have ample opportunities coming their way in comparison to those who only have a particular certification within one area. With increasing aging population, there will be a rise in medical conditions that will need imaging as a prime tool for diagnosis.
Dental Assistant:
The job prospects for a dental assistant are excellent and employment is predicted to rise at a much swifter pace than average. Increasing population and more focus on preventative dental care in case of younger generations will expedite the demand for dental services. Certified students start their careers as dental assistants and with further experience may reach the position of a dentist.
Phlebotomy Technician:
The job prospects for phlebotomy technicians are fuelled by a number of factors such as the rising availability of medical services, improved and new medical testing, and the growing population. Phlebotomy technicians get placed in hospitals, clinics, and blood donation sites and these may largely boost the experience of phlebotomy technicians.
Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-A):
The job opportunities for EMTs are predicted to rise in the coming years. This is owing to the increasing count of natural disasters, car crashes, and violence. In addition, age-related ailments such as strokes and heart attacks, easily accessible specialized medical services, and rise in the elderly population will also raise the demand for EMTs in the coming years.
Medical Laboratory Technician:
The employment prospects for medical lab technicians in the coming years look promising. The soaring aging population is predicted to result in an increased requirement for diagnosing of medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes or cancer through laboratory procedures.
Diabetes Educator:
The rising count of patients having diabetes increases the need for diabetes education in India. The employment prospects for diabetes educators look lucrative for the coming years. Diabetes educators work in a variety of settings such as physician offices, wellness programs, home health, clinics, and hospitals.
Hence, for the past 8 years, VIVO Healthcare has churned over 1, 25,000 healthcare professionals across India. So, if you are interested in a particular career in healthcare or need guidance on choosing a career path, then get enrolled at your nearest VIVO training Institute now!



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