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Preparing for a career as a Dental Assistant

15 Jul 2017


Preparing for a Career as a Dental Assistant

Are you on the lookout for a career in dental assisting in India? Earn your dental assistant certificate from VIVO Healthcare now and get easy placements in amongst the most accredited healthcare institutions in India. VIVO Healthcare will help you to get prepared in assisting the dentist in areas such as prosthodontics, pediatric dentistry, endodontics,  preventive oral care procedures, prosthodontics procedures,  oral surgical procedures and get an insight into oral radiology and radiograph processing.
The 6 months training program offered by VIVO will provide you the practical skills that you will be able to apply within dental offices. Hands-on dental assistant training being a vital part of VIVO’s dental assisting internship will equip you with the advanced theoretical as well as clinical skills. These skills will make you certified dental assistants, hence raising your chance to land up with a good job in the oral healthcare industry.

Making the Most of your career in Dental Assisting

As you prepare for a future in dental assisting, it’s crucial to bear in mind that the healthcare industry is rapidly changing, bringing even more growth and development opportunities fordental assistants that are savvy. As per the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, dental assistants’ employment is predicted to rise at a much swifter growth rate than the average of other occupations all through 2018.
The reason for the swift development in the Indian dental industry is due to the swift advancement in diagnostic technology, which helps in the identification of problems even before their  onset within teeth and gums, and therapeutic technology, which is helping patients to heal quickly and completely. The other reason for the immense development of the Indian dental industry is because of the realities of the dental practices of today as in the case of dental professionals who are giving expanded opportunities to dental assistants.

How will this growth impact your career?

If you get enrolled in an established dental assistant training program, it can bring a bright future for you. As stated by Kimberly Bland, the American Dental Assistants Association’s president, nowadays dental practices and dentists are on the lookout for new assistants who are well versed on the latest techniques and tools. The growing cost of technology has raised the expectations of dentists and this is why they need assistants who are able to immediately start as productive members of a team, having a strong skill set and knowledge.
In addition, due to the time constraints, a number of dental practices lack the time for considering each candidate applying for the position of a dental assistant. Thus, the course providing proven skillsets and formal training, such as the one you will be receiving at VIVO Healthcare, willgive you an upper hand amongst your competitors.

Future Prospects in Dental Assisting

The trained dental assistant will be able to perform a broad range of laboratory and office tasks and patient care. These trained professionals can assist dentists in administering basic clinical chair side duties such as application of topical anaesthetics, patient data recording, placement of temporary crowns and rubber dams, mixing of cements for restorative procedures and preparing diagnostic casts and models. .Hence, your best bet to achieve long-term career success within dental assisting can start right away!

Course Highlights

Theory + Practical: 510 hrs
Hospital Internship: 190 hrs
Eligibility: 10th Pass
Duration: 700 Hours/6 Months
Certification: VIVO Healthcare/HSSC


Pawan Kumar Tetwal

Dear Sir My son studying in 11th class in this time. my choice is any medical course with vivo healthcare my son. My son name is sushant


Millie Hue

A friend of mine told me that she wanted to take the path of a dental assistant. She has always been interested in the medical and dental industry ever since we were younger. She would usually watch videos and read books about it. So it's not a surprise that she would pursue this path, and it's just fitting that she undergoes a proper training first. It's interesting to know that this career is about doing basic clinical chairside duties such as the application of anesthetics and other restorative procedures. Thanks for the information!


Deepti Gada

Need dental technician for a clinic in Grant road


Dental Care

Thanks for sharing this valuable information on dental hygienist. The tips given in this article are very useful. I hope you will keep sharing more such informative articles.

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