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Importance of Emergency Medical Technicians in the Indian Healthcare industry

1 Jul 2017


Importance of Emergency Medical Technicians in the Indian Healthcare Industry

As per the latest study, each year 1.6 million Indians die in road accidents; an additional 2.4 million die owing to heart diseases, as stated by the Heart Care Foundation of India. This is because India majorly lacks in providing emergency medical response services. As stated by AIIMS in 2015, 28% out of the 70,768 emergency calls that were received had to be refused due to the shortage of ambulances. What’s more critical is that there are merely 10,000 EMTs that have been trained since 2005 in India, which has a total population of approximately 1.2 billion. Hence, India is in dire need for more trained emergency medical technicians (EMTs). Millions of lives can be saved by the introduction of trained, committed, and dedicated emergency medical technicians in India.

High Technological Advancements in Healthcare Demands for Equivalent Level of Skills

In addition, the increasing rate of technological advancements within emergency medical services in our Indian healthcare industry must be matched with the equivalent level of skills in order for it to be competitive.  This can take place by providing the Indian youth with the right kind of training. VIVO understands this and keeping this in mind, the company has introduced short-terms vocational courses to skill students and the EMT course is one amongst them.  Do you want to be a part of this good cause and also make your career in healthcare at the same time? With VIVO Healthcare, you can!
VIVO offers two EMT courses, one for 2 months and the other for 6 months duration.  A career within emergency medicine is actually a challenging one and strong interpersonal and leadership skills are demanded out of an emergency medical technician. Despite the challenges, helping individuals and saving their lives is quite rewarding and VIVO will make this happen for you.

Why are trained EMTs high in demand in the Indian Healthcare Industry?

There is an increasing dearth of trained healthcare professionals in the Indian medical industry which causes increased complexity within the healthcare system. As per a recent study by Public Health Foundation of India, 40% of the already existing healthcare professionals aren’t trained adequately owing to the dearth of organized infrastructure and quality training of institutes.
Emergency medical technicians are in great demand as they form a crucial part in the well-being of a society. EMTs form a vital part of any healthcare system and respond to a lot of dispatch calls every year. They actually act as intermediaries for the patients who come across medical emergencies. They are responsible for providing off-site live-saving emergency care and help transport the victims to healthcare facilities in order for them to receive proper medical attention. Thus, without EMTs, it will be quite difficult for individuals within the public setting, work, or at home to receive the medical care when it is required the most.

Your Future as an Emergency Medical Technician

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an immense rise in the number of emergency medical technician positions from 2016 onwards. This exponential requirement for emergency medical technicians is because of the aging baby boomers.Government economists have predicted that jobs for EMTs will rise at a much faster rate as compared to the average of all careers all through 2020. Since the Indian population is aging and older individuals come across more health-related emergencies, the count of emergency medical calls will be more. Hence, there will be a high demand for EMTs owing to the requirement of moving patients between health care facilities. Therefore, your best bet for achieving a long-term career as an emergency medical technician can commence right away with VIVO!



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Jacky Ben

I am agree with your all points..Emergency medical technicians services always valuable for everyone....In emergency case we have used these technicians and save life of patient.


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Akshay Laxmipathi

Thanks for publishing this wonderful blog on the necessity for well-trained emergency medical technicians in India. Some of the points on how there is a rising demand for skilled EMTs in India might entice some members of the younger generation to take up this profession. Our organization also has a blog section dedicated to spreading awareness about emergency medical care. Do check us out on:



While reading about Healthcare I found your blog post. I feel really good after reading this post. Always share valuable information. Keep on posting

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