Course Description

  • Basic life support skills
  • Recognition and early management of:
    • – Respiratory Arrest and Cardiac Arrest
    • – Peri-arrest conditions such as symptomatic bradycardia, unstable tachycardia.
  • Airway management
  • Related pharmacology
  • Management of Acute Coronary Syndromes (ACS)
  • Management of stroke
  • Effective communication as a member and leader of a resuscitation team
  • Effective Resuscitation Team Dynamics
  • Ethical, social and legal dilemmas in EMS

Mode of Instruction

  • Simulated clinical scenarios
  • Hands on participation through learning stations
  • Megacode stations

Realistic simulations reinforce the following key concepts:

Pro ciency in basic life support care, recognizing and initiating early management of peri-arrest conditions, managing cardiac arrest, identifying and treating ischemic chest pain and acute coronary syndromes, recognizing other life-threatening clinical situations (such as stroke) and providing initial care, ACLS algorithms and effective resuscitation team dynamics.

Intended Audience

The ACLS course is designed for medical providers such as physicians, nurses, mid-levels, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, respiratory therapists, and other professionals whose daily occupation requires them to either direct or participate in the resuscitation of a patient, whether in or out of hospital


Duration Vivo Healthcare Program Duration Icon 2 Days
Certification Vivo Healthcare Certification for Program Icon VIVO Healthcare
Validity Vivo Healthcare Program Validity Icon 2 Years