23 steps to stay healthy, forever.

By VIVO Healthcare | 20th February 2015 10:23 AM |

You learn the importance of a good health only when you suffer from serious illness and you are ready to take any step in the direction of a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle is not a one day process. It needs to be done slowly as you do not want your body to give shock of a sudden change in its routine.

23 steps to a healthy lifestyle

In this series of articles on how to maintain a good health, we have mentioned 25 steps divided into 4 categories which you can inculcate in your daily routine to have a healthy lifestyle:

Healthy diet for a healthy you

Drink 2-3 liters of water everyday, minimum.
  • Don’t skip your breakfast
  • Don’t give your diet a fight- have a proper diet throughout the day
  • Make a time table for your diet too
  • Eat vegetables – reduce calorie intake
  • Avoid processed food
Healthy diet for a healthy you

Plan Exercise for a healthy lifestyle

Plan Exercise for a healthy lifestyle
  • Lose weight- get in shape
  • Keep a check of your weight
  • Involve every part of your body – cross train
  • Don’t just exercise- exercise wisely

Health is not just physical, stay emotional healthy

  • Stay positive
  • Keep yourself satisfied
  • Take small steps for big goals
  • A friend in need is friend indeed
  • Keep pushing yourself to get the maximum out of yourself
  • Pamper yourself – take a break
  • Feel better about yourself
Health is not just physical, stay emotional healthy

Healthy Routine – Key to healthy lifestyle

Healthy Routine – Key to healthy lifestyle
  • Stop risking your body with unnecessary habits
  • Make exercise your routine
  • Sleep well at night for a cheerful next day
  • Cook your own meal
  • Stay hygienic
  • Improve your immune system to let it protect you

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